Summer Solstice Plant-based Living Workshop - 22nd June 2019

Photos from the Workshop


This one-day WildReach Workshop at Abington Barn celebrated the Summer Solstice.


Dr Steve Boreham and friends guided participants to process natural materials into incense, to create a variety of ceremonial solstice materials using plant and earth pigments for use in purification and cleansing, and to use Elder as a valuable seasonal resource.




Testimonial from the Summer Solstice Incense-making workshop


"I went to an incredible workshop on Saturday with Steve Boreham, Scientist and Green Man, supported by Julie Boreham, Archaeologist and Wise Woman.
We were gifted so much, but most importantly for me, yet again the idea that science was well and truly alive and kicking in ancient times. What the ancients knew is so vital to knowing about our lives today. I sat there marvelling at how lucky I was to be part of such an experience..... and what so many have missed! Thanks to them both so much and to Sue Dunn Jacqueline Hutton, Celia Radha, and Cheryl for being wonderful participants!." - F


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