Ostara Equinox Plant-based Living Workshop - 23rd March 2019

Photos from the Workshop


This one-day WildReach Workshop at Abington Barn celebrated Ostara.

Dr Steve Boreham and friends guided participants to process natural materials into self-candescent incense, to create ceremonial smudge sticks for use in purification and cleansing, and to use Willow as a valuable seasonal resource. 


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Testimonials from the Ostara Equinox Incense-making workshop


"Yesterday was perfect. You fitted in so much, I learnt a lot, and not just about the practicalities of making incense. The spiritual side you brought us into was amazing, I loved loved loved it.

Spirituality in this context is a major part of me and it was great to be able to share that with other people of similar views. I will definitely be coming to the midsummer workshop." - J


"What a really fantastic day! I cannot tell you how much I loved it. You’re a fabulous teacher - so interesting to listen to plus, so aware of the appropriate balance of info and hands-on. Thank you so much!  I felt so at home with you. 5 minutes before the end, I felt overcome with sheer emotion of feeling part of a ‘family’... such a polarised experience compared to my family of Origin." - F


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