Three Day Outage Survival - Food


The assumption that food shops will be closed, exhausted of stock or unreachable due to fuel shortages or curfew also underpins preparations for a three day outage.  Clearly, dried foods (grains, pasta) and tinned/bottled foods will be at the top of the list for long-term storage.  The idea here is to adopt a ‘ten meal strategy’ using these stored foods, although the addition of fresh food would make meals more healthy and appealing.  It is very important to store foods that you know you will like. Certain foods can be preserved using dehydration and vacuum sealing. Companies like Mountain House make some excellent freeze dried foods that come in many different varieties and sizes. They may be expensive, but have a shelf life of 25 years.

This PDF file contains a list of foods and consumables that would be suitable for storage for a Three Day Outage:



Three Day Outage Consumables
PDF file containing a list of foods and consumables for a Three Day Outage
Three Day Outage Consumables V1.1.pdf
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