Three Day Outage Survival - Water


The interruption of water supply seems a little less likely until you realise that electric pumps in-part power our water mains supply.  Once the locally-stored water supply is exhausted, the taps (faucets) may run dry.  In this event you will need stored water for drinking, and for washing and sanitation. It is possible to buy large bottles of drinking water (10-15 litres) that will store for long periods. Water filtration equipment ranges from the humble Life Straw up to the Berkey water purification unit, allowing rainwater to be safely consumed.  It is also possible to store tap water in plastic tanks or collapsible bottles for later use in washing and flushing the toilet. Rainwater stored in water butts could also be used for this.  Note that often electricity is also essential for the sewerage system to function correctly.  There is the possibility of the sewers backing up to the point that toilets cannot be flushed and sinks will not drain.  Usually, this is accompanied by manhole covers bursting open, and so streets and gardens become contaminated by faecal material with the attendant health-risk that brings. You may need to make temporary arrangement for disposing of human waste. The basic family sanitation kit should include a large bucket with a lid containing loo roll, wipes, feminine products, hand sanitiser, toothbrushes and toothpaste for the family, bleach, spray-on cleanser and industrial grade bin liners.

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