An Introduction to Crystals at Beltane 29th April 2023

Photos from the Workshop


This one-day WildReach Workshop at Abington Barn celebrating Beltane, explored Crystal Families, their Metaphysical Properties & More.


Dr Steve Boreham and friends guided participants to explore different crystal families and the metaphysical properties of crystals. Participants discovered their birth crystals, investigated the chakra system and created ceremonial items for the celebration of Beltane.





Testimonials from the Introduction to Crystals at Beltane workshop


What an amazing day filled with fascinating facts about crystals. I really enjoyed all of the hands-on activities and finding our personal birth crystals. Celebrating Beltane with like-minded people and joining together in spiritual meditation was the icing on the cake!

An inspiring day that was fun but factual, with a goody bag full of treasures to take away! - S


What an incredible day!  Steve's knowledge of crystals; their geological and metaphysical properties made for a fact-filled interesting day. Lots of really cool hands-on activities too.

Also a very moving spiritual experience. - G


I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Crystal Workshop at Beltane. Although the entire day appeared smooth and effortless, the amount of care, time and resources that had obviously been pu in by Steve needs to be acknowledged as outstanding and of the highest quality. It was a truly unforgettable and amazing experience.

The information, handouts and activities all combine together to create a fun time for all. - K


Once again Steve created an excellent environment for learning, practical experience and most of all, the gathering of like-minded people coming together to learn everything there is to know about crystals. He always organises these workshops around special times of the year with this one being at Beltane.

What I especially liked about his workshops, and this one specifically, is that science and spirituality are combined, providing both practical activities and learning that is unmatched anywhere.

He combines so much information into one day and we never leave empty handed; we always get copies of pertinent information as well as the items we made during the day, including a crystal chakra tube to take home!

I especially enjoy the meeting of like minded souls and the fire ceremony at the end of the day.

Highly recommended. - J


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