Conservation activities


This is a list of on-line talks on aspects of conservation given by Dr Steve Boreham with links to recordings where possible.


Cambridgeshire Geological Society

13th December 2021

The Geology of the Lower Cam and Wicken Vision Area

Passcode for talk: di8M.f^%


Cambridge Natural History Society

4th November 2021

Biodiversity of the Hobson's Brook Corridor

Passcode for talk: =AT9kE1e


Orwell Parish Council

7th October 2021

Orwell Pit and Beyond - The potential for Rewilding and Conservation initiatives around the village of Orwell


Cambridge Natural History Society

18th March 2021

Wild Reach - wildlife conservation at the fen edge

Passcode for talk: *l0ri83*



Dr Steve Boreham has been the Science Co-ordinator for several BioBlitz events.


The Hobson's Conduit Trust 2017 BioBlitz events centred on Nine Wells LNR and Empty Common, Cambridge.


The Hobson's Conduit Trust 2018 BioBlitz event concentrated on Hobson's Park, Cambridge.


The Hobson's Conduit Trust 2019 BioBlitz event concentrated on Clare College Playing Field, Cambridge.





Nine Wells BioBlitz Nine Wells 2017 BioBlitz Poster
Empty Common BioBlitz Empty Common 2017 BioBlitz Poster
Hobson's Park BioBlitz Hobson's Park 2018 BioBlitz Poster
Clare College Playing Field 2019 BioBlitz Poster
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