Reach Wood is owned by The Woodland Trust


“Volunteers from the nearby villages of Reach and Swaffham Prior planted 3,200 young trees on this site in a single day as part of an initiative to create new woodland. Chalk was quarried here, and there is a striking backdrop of steep chalk cliffs.”


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Reach Village

This map shows the distribution of the main tree species in Reach Wood. This survey was carried out by Steve Boreham in Spring 2015. It was updated in 2018 to show the positions of dead and dying trees suffering from ash die-back disease.

Reach Wood Management Plan
This document provides an overview of the Woodland Trust's management objectives for Reach Wood 2012 -2017.
Reach Wood management-plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [115.1 KB]
Reach Wood Wildlife Sightings - collected by Joss Goodchild
This table provides an overview of the animals and birds sighted in Reach Wood and Meadow from 2012 to date. It is not intended as an exhaustive listing of the fauna. Any additions to this list are gratefully accepted.
RW wildlife table.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [86.5 KB]
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